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CCA Bunnings BBQ

posted Jun 21, 2015, 1:17 AM by Casey-Cardinia Athletics   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 1:17 AM ]
Casey Cardinia Athletics will be holding a fund raising BBQ at the Cranbourne Bunnings Store on Sunday 28th June.  

Thanks to the following people that have volunteered on the day to help out.  If the "Set-up" people could contact Rob via facebook or (M) 0423 337 141 for further instructions.  


 Person 1

Person 2

 Person 3

 Person 4

 Person 5

 Food Delivery 7am-8am    Elke Shantelle    Mark Crees    Ben Ryan  
8am-10am    Elke Shantelle    Kim Hanegraaf    Mark Jouvelet   

Mark Crees   

Goeff Carthew   
 10am-12pm   David Hansford    Paul Olsson    Vasantha Gunawardena     Vasantha Gunawardena  
Lianna Foster   
12pm-2pm   Dan langelaan    Tahlia Langelaan    Ben Bailey    Rob Ryan    Marie Malley         
 2pm- Close   Kirrily Briet   Jo Pratt    Matty Morris   Megza Pratt    Rob Ryan  
Expressed interest   Michelle Hook   

I anyone else can assist on the day please contact Rob Ryan via facebook or (M) 0423 337 141