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What you need to know about AV Shield but were afraid to Ask

posted Oct 6, 2014, 5:17 PM by Casey-Cardinia Athletics

        1. Check in with the Team Manager (David Hansford) when you arrive - Tick your name off the team sheet and sign up for a relay team.  
        2. You MUST register for field event, hurdles and steeple chase on the day - There will be a table setup at each venue to do this.  
        3. At this stage you do not need to register for track events. You just need to be marshaled at the start line, for the event, by the timetabled start time.  
        4. If you have signed up for a field event but the track event are taking longer than they should, you can change your field event time, BUT you MUST change it at the signup table.  
        5. On completion of your track event you MUST provide your bib number and lane number/position to the finish line officials.  
        6. When recording your bib number on the signup sheets - Write neatly and accurately.  
        7. You can only compete once per event on the day.  
  1. If there is an issue on the day please let a club official know straight away.  
  2. MOST IMPORTANTLY if you are not sure - ASK for HELP :)  
If you have any questions before the meet contact David Hansford (Summer Team Manager) (E): There will also be Club Officials on the day to assist.