Registrar's Profile


 Name:  Karen Wynen
 DOB:  Hahahaha
 Height:  168cm
 Weight:  Hahahaha
 Nickname:  Kaz
 Favourite Sporting Moment: Seeing my daughter Jade walk a surprise second place in the Australian Roadwalking Championships in Canberra in 2011.
 Football Team:  Geelong/Collingwood
 Biggest influence in their sporting development:  My Parents
 Favourite Athlete:  Matt De Bruin
 Favourite Food:  Everything except butter!
 Favourite Drink:  Sav Blanc
Best Event/ Favourite Event:  Racewalking
 Favourite Holiday Destination:  Anywhere hot by a beach
 Pet's Name:  Not an animal lover
 Most Embarrassing Moment:  Hmmmm..... far too many to mention!!!